High operating speed

CCS Easy Crimp cabling system of Category 5E and 6A offers the best performances in terms of modularity, reliability, longevity and transmission characteristics.
The Easy Crimp termination system, designed, produced and exclusive property of CCS allow easy and quick execution of the termination without the use of tools, thus granting immediate benefits in terms of installation time and cost.

01. Color scheme

By following the double labeling T568A/B color scheme, insert the pairs in the connection cap holes.
The conductors have to be blocked in the appropriate slots.

02. Crimp Tool

The compulsory insertion key avoid the incorrect positioning of the connection cap inside the jack.
With an easy by hand “click”, or by using the “CRIMP tool”, the termination crimp is concluded.

03. Insulation

By using flat blades nippers, cut the conductors surplus jutting out from the connection cover cap.
A proper insulation located inside the cap avoid short-circuits in shielded jacks.

04. Closure

By matching the insertion way arrows of the external cap and of the jack, you complete the crimp.
In case of shielded jack, a bayonet and a supplied tie assure a 360° cable shield.

Reliable with the passing of time

easy crimp image
  • External cap for the termination protection,with 360° shield

  • Internal connection cap with insertion key and dual T568A/B wiring label

  • Snap-in, compatible with Keystone standard

  • Reusable, with easy opening

  • Colour options to suit the work outlet

Cabling System certified and guaranteed

Easy Crimp jacks top performance is certified by the independent lab Force Technology with excellent results both for components and systems. CCS® Accredited Installers can apply for the Extended Warranty on the performance up to 25 years on CCS® installed systems.

Qualified for PoE++

The Easy Crimp Category 6A jacks, certified according to the IEC 60512-99-002:2019 standard, fully meet the operating requirements of all PoE standards and in particular of PoE ++ 802.3bt, thus maintaining high performance and correct functioning even after hundreds of insertion cycles.

Our video

This  video  shows  you how fast  and  easy is  the jacks   termination  with  the CCS Easy Crimp technique!

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easy crimp video