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About us

Who we are?

CCS® is a high-tech and qualified system of products for the implementation of copper and fiber optic structured cabling in office, residential and industrial environments.

Leader in Italy by market share, CCS® Connectivity and Cabling System is a registered trademark owned by Qubix SpA, an Italian company, supplier of copper and fiber optic structured cabling components, networking and IP videosurveillance equipments. 


CCS Cabling System

  • CCS Cabling System is a trademark of
    Qubix S.p.A. networking solutions
    Via Canada 22/A
    35127 Padova ITALY
    Tel. +39-049-7801994
    Fax +39-049-775667
  • www.ccs-cabling.it
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Quality and Compliance

The CCS® easy Crimp and easy crimp COMPACT series for copper cabling system are designed, produced and exclusive property of CCS® Connectivity & Cabling System.

They allow easy and quick execution of the termination without the use of tools, thus granting immediate benefits in terms of installation time and cost.
The standards-compliant keystone format allows it to be installed in all conventional distribution components.

Certified by independent laboratories such as the Danish Force Technology and the German GHMT, all CCS® products are conform to the most recent international standards and boast  top of the range results for both single components and systems.

CCS® Connectivity & Cabling System have been one of the first among the European manufacturers to obtain the certification of components for Category 6A according to ISO/IEC standards.

Real must of CCS® Connectivity & Cabling System are the training courses and the warranty system.
Through training courses on copper and fiber optics cabling systems, CCS®provides their accredited partners with the title of "CCS Accredited Installers" and with the opportunity to grant 20 to 30 years warranty on Easy Crimp installed systems, provided they are fully CCS® branded.

Research and Development

The design and development of our systems are based on a simple and efficient concept: meeting the requirements of the network professionals with products and services tailored to their needs and responding to three fundamental requirements: easy, quick and correct installation.

We are devoted to research and develop the most innovative signal transmission cables and connecting hardware. Through our subsidiaries and OEM partnerships, we design and manufacture the essential components of CCS® cabling systems: copper cables, fiber optic cables, connectivity, cabinets.

The combination of the continuous research and the high quality of our products, recognized at international level and certified by independent laboratories according to the latest international norms, are the keys to the success of the CCS® system.

Our CCS® EasyCrimp cabling system is designed to provide the best performance in terms of reliability, longevity and transmission characteristics and, at the same time, ensure easy and quick execution of the termination with significant installation cost savings.

Support & Service

Technical literature, specialist consultancy, pre-and post-sale support satisfy every commercial and technical request

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Partners program

CCS offers to its selected distributors the advantage of promoting a new, qualitative high  and competitive brand

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Warranty program

20, 25 and 30 year-warranty on the performance of CCS Cabling systems to Accredited CCS Installers

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